Monday, February 8, 2010

Welcome to the Colorado Dirt Road Randonneur!

I've started this Blog for those interested in epic dirt road rides in and around Colorado. After riding 4 Dirty Century's and accumulating over 1000 miles on unpaved roads in 2009 I was hooked with all they have to offer. Dirt roads are less traveled with minimal traffic to contend with compared to hot tarmac, and if that is reason enough you will also find yourself in some of the most beautiful and remote areas in the state. Please check back for ride idea's complete with maps for your next ride idea. If you have a ride you've completed please share! And most importantly join us on one of the future organized rides coming up this year. As I plan spring training rides of interest I will also post those as well.


David Bach said...

Thanks for all the maps. This really helps me with getting in more hours at night. I am glad you took the time to help people out!
Cheers Dave:)

Eric Althen said...

Hey Dave,
Glad you found some use for the maps, thanks for the comment! I've been thinking about cleaning up the map section, I also have a few new routes to add as well after another summer of riding and exploring. There are a lot of options for mapping routes these days with Google, Map My Ride, and Garmin. I'd like to get them all in one format so it's easy to use. As a map user which of those do you think is the most helpful and user friendly? Eric

David Bach said...
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David Bach said...

I no longer own my Garmin. Now I just use the Google maps on my Iphone 4.
I want to buy the new Delorme PN-60 with the spot unit.
This is the first time spot has worked with a company.
And from the "reviews" I have read. They seem to work great.
Well, they do cost a pretty penny so I am still saving up for one.
I do like Garmin but things just keep getting better each year.
Look forward to the summer maps!