Monday, June 21, 2010

Gold Belt Century

The Gold Belt Century finally happened on June 20th and the weather was perfect. 8 riders showed for this epic adventure, dirt roads and brutal climbs.

This was a great group of guys on the coolest mix of bikes possible.

Eric (myself): Titanium Road
Kirk: Steel Road
Eric: Steel Road, Long Haul Trucker complete with rack and fenders!
Peter: Carbon Road
Erik: Carbon Cross
John: Steel Cross
Rad: Steel 9er
Brett: Full Suspension mnt bike, 26" with full knobs! 

Thanks to all that made the ride, it was an excellent group of strong skilled riders. A big Thanks goes out to Steve for driving the sag vehicle, having water available in that heat was paramount, and a few of us took advantage of the many floor pumps on board as well.

Total Elapsed time: 11:30
Ride Time: 7:23
Distance: 99.94 miles
Elevation Gain: 7,192'
Average Speed: 13.5
Average Temp: 84.5

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Gold Belt has been postponed to June 20th!!

Due to weather we are postponing the Gold Belt Century until next Sunday, June 20th. The weather reports are now calling for snow above 9,000', the weather looks to be to severe to negotiate all day. The event has been moved to next weekend, same time, same place. The weather looks to be beautiful nest weekend.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Dirty Century Update

I had a chance to pre-ride 65 miles of the Dirty Century this past Sunday with bike shop owner and ride organizer Kirk Webster. This ride will take place in Douglas County this year with the start and finish at Creek Side Bikes in Parker. For those familiar with the Elephant Rock Century it also takes place in Douglas County and continues south into El Paso County if you opt for the full 100 mile enchilada. The E-Rock is known for it's beauty and challenging hills, it's in a beautiful area. What the Dirty Century does is explores those beautiful hills and dirt roads that the E-Rock navigates around. Same stunning views, although the climbs are viscous in the dirt with up to 15% grades. The Bonus, there is almost no traffic. The Dirty Century also takes you along the Cherry Creek river all the way up and through Castlewood Canyon State Park, a beautiful canyon ride with the historic remains of a Dam that burst sending a15 foot high wave into Denver in 1933. The Dirty Century will have close to 5,000 total vertical feet of climbing. I road Sunday's 65 mile section, with all of the serious climbing, on my Single Speed with 49/19t gearing (68 gear inches) and cheap 25c road tires. I will also ride the official Dirty Century 100 mile route on June 27th on my SS, so hopefully somebody else out there will join me with their SS/fixed gear and help represent! There is a link to the ride on the right, be sure to check out the website and get signed up, the deadline for registration is June 20th! This is a great ride, it's only $50 and there is a big BBQ/Hog roast and party that fallows!!

my Dirty Century Shred Missile, JoeLisa!