Monday, June 21, 2010

Gold Belt Century

The Gold Belt Century finally happened on June 20th and the weather was perfect. 8 riders showed for this epic adventure, dirt roads and brutal climbs.

This was a great group of guys on the coolest mix of bikes possible.

Eric (myself): Titanium Road
Kirk: Steel Road
Eric: Steel Road, Long Haul Trucker complete with rack and fenders!
Peter: Carbon Road
Erik: Carbon Cross
John: Steel Cross
Rad: Steel 9er
Brett: Full Suspension mnt bike, 26" with full knobs! 

Thanks to all that made the ride, it was an excellent group of strong skilled riders. A big Thanks goes out to Steve for driving the sag vehicle, having water available in that heat was paramount, and a few of us took advantage of the many floor pumps on board as well.

Total Elapsed time: 11:30
Ride Time: 7:23
Distance: 99.94 miles
Elevation Gain: 7,192'
Average Speed: 13.5
Average Temp: 84.5

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